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About Us

Clark & Coburn Unlimited Staffing, LLC of Memphis, Tennessee, was created by two senior-level human resources professionals who have more than 40 years of combined experience managing human resources. We provide exceptional, innovative, and superior hands-on business coaching with attention to detail.

By utilizing our innate abilities, flexibility, and supportive approach, we support your company in developing resilient associate relations. Our knowledgeable team will help you develop employees with professional attitudes and strong work ethics.

When you bring people and creative ideas together, it is possible to cultivate growth and build bridges. Our experience with human resources allows us to connect with employees on a personable yet professional basis and create a positive work environment. We go beyond expectations as an Equal Opportunity Employer and promise to deliver by being transparent.

Dana Clark
Dana Clark

Dana Clark
Tasha Coburn

Our Mission

Focus on Quality

“As vested owners of CCU, we pride ourselves in our transparency. Our core value stands for being honest.”








CCU will offer exemplary service to both our associates and clients tailor made to driving a positive company culture.